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Hi I'm new here. I have been bulimic for 6 years and I'm still a disgusting fat ugly unloved waste of air. Today I failed and binged popcorn tuna rice and veg I haven't even begun! Normally I have a meal a day and purge that then work out till I'm barley moving. Everything revolves around this my life is a lie could do with a friend. Xx
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Statistically most of us bulimics are slightly over weight... don't feel bad. I have gotten so fat and ugly I can't stand to see a mirror, thankfully I work on a psych ward where there are minimal mirrors. I was so thin almost at my GW and then Idk what happend. my life is a complete and total lie, don't worry you're not alone. No one who knows me would even believe the truth if I told them. Sometime I throw up the obscene amount of water that I just drank, only because the purging is the only thing that can make me feel better and calm me down. i work on a psych ward, how fucking ironic is that,,, just totally hit me.
Hi, I feel the same way. I failed today too. I try to eat smal frequent meals, but that exposes me to too many opportunities to walk into the kitchen and binge. Which I did. I just try to keep calm and eat salads. Tomorrow can be better.